Trauma Therapy

Trauma Informed Therapy

You recognize many behaviors and symptoms are the result of traumatic experiences, are in a relationship with or close to someone with trauma, desire to break the dysfunctional patterns in your childhood and not pass them on to your family, or, simply want to live life to your fullest and crave deeper healing. You read the self help books, journal, and may even attend support groups, but still feel on edge, unsafe, and unable to feel ease and reassured at times when you really need it.

You may relate to one or more of these:

Together we will get down to the root of the cause and work to heal the symptoms from the inside out. I am specifically trained in trauma informed care, Inner Child Reparenting exercises, neuroscience, attachment theory and cognitive approaches. Unlike other types of therapy, we will allow the body to reveal the pain it carries with ease and gentleness so that we can get the unhelpful feelings and behaviors “unstuck”.

You will learn to get into the habit to:

Community Involvement

As a member and leader of the support group called Adult Children of Alcoholics, I was involved in the creation of the Loving Parent Guidebook. This book encourages readers to nurture their inner child and recover dissociated parts of themselves long lost to trauma in the format of a workbook. This work was done as an invested donation therefore I do not profit from the sales of this book. Some clients opt to work through this workbook as part of their treatment plan during our time together as a powerful change agent.

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